Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hair Inspiration for the Season by Glamour UK

Fasincated to see what our sister nation says about this season's hair color trends? Here is Glamour UK's take on hair hues for Fall/Autumn with commentary from British colorist experts in their field. So, if you're in the mood for new color but not sure what to go for, fret not, because GLAMOUR's Style Inspiration section has them all covered. Whether you're looking for platinum blonde or jet black, get ready to be inspired.

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Glamour guide: Echoing the fashion trend for jewel colours, this intense violet shade works brilliantly with a deceptively simple short style with asymmetric fringe and disconnected pieces to create an effect that’s different and daring, but ultra-sophisticated. Transformations such as these should be left in the hands of the salon expert, brunettes will need to be lightened first, for blondes it’s less complex, but the scope for disaster shouldn’t be underestimated.

Glamour guide: Blonde offers a multitude of tonal opportunities for the mousy haired Brit. The cool blonde family comprises colours such as platinum, pearl, ash, pale beige and champagne. Choose muted tones of mink, blush and vanilla for an effect that is utterly contemporary and in tune with the edgy feminine looks of the season. Super-pale shades are best suited to anyone with an ivory or soft pink tinged complexion and blue or grey eyes.
~ Rae Palmer at Rae Palmer Hairdressing, Southsea, Hants, for Schwarzkopf.

Glamour guide: It’s all change in the hair colour spectrum as autumn rolls in. A rich au naturel palette for girls who just want to have fawn. Healthy hues of muted blonde in mink, toffee, honey and butterscotch are seductive without trying too hard. This is lifestyle friendly colouring at its best with an emphasis on inter-mixing shades so regrowth is much less obvious.
~ Mark Woolley, Electric, Brighton and Reading.

Glamour guide: The acceptable face of anarchy, pastelised blondes were a major story for summer, with Alphabeat’s Stine Bramsen among those reinventing the icy lilac of a 1950s Kim Novak for the Noughties festival crowd. The rebellious rainbow warrior vibe intensifies for autumn with ink blue tips and under-colouring giving rock chick blonde additional menace.
~ Karine Jackson for Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty, London WC2.

Glamour guide: Ravishing red really comes into its own against an autumnal landscape. However reds are a race apart when it comes to lifting and fading faster than any other shade. The fakers out there will find that red colour molecules are more volatile than any other dye and have a Houdini-esque ability to escape with every wash.~ Gerard Scarpaci, Artistic Director, Aveda NY Academy, for Aveda.

Glamour guide: Spice up your life with damson, burgundy and aubergine tones blended together to produce vibrant effects flattering to warm and olive skins. For red hair to remain rich, radiant and ravishing, colour protection is essential. Aveda Madder Root Shampoo and Madder Root Conditioner enhance warm and red shades with natural extracts and pigments.
~ Gerard Scarpaci, Artistic Director, Aveda NY Academy, for Aveda.

Glamour guide: Just like in fashion, black is back. Works best in contrast with ivory or black skins. One of the trickiest hair colours to carry off if you’re not a natural – it can look too harsh if you haven’t got either the complexion or the youthful bloom for it. Remember that a semi-permanent will jet propel you, you don’t have to take the plunge permanently, that way if your new look doesn’t grow on you it will eventually wash out.
~ hob creative team, hob salons London, Middx. Herts and Essex using Wella Professionals products.

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